Just a got a short question. Switching off bluetooth and wireless would be useful in airplanes and hospitals. II – the missing bluetooth. I heard sometimes the casing around the fan need some physical adjusting, so I pulled it to test, and upon connecting it to a Jumped PSU the fan made a light noise but no spin. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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December 7, 3.

What blue tooth do you recomend to use for the mod? Will plugging in an SD card into the Acer netbook with XP act like readyboost does on a vista machine. My original plan was to ad a bluetooth adapter so I can keep using the with my cell phone for my commute home from work.

Is it possible to put two usb devices where you soldered the bluetooth connection? Cheers, and Good Luck! I just recently bought a Bestlink Alpha The link is not taking me to it — help please. Xandriegh, Replacing your SSD with a pata is going to be generally slower.


It is much smaller compared to the standard Acet devices, that you can leave it always plugged in. Dec 07, Acer Aspire Series Laptop.

Bluetooth and touch screen on Acer Aspire One AOA/ZG5? | NotebookReview

Joe Harper on June 4, 7: There are 2 things to keep in mind with Bluetooth modules: Or perhaps a work around? I also recommend buy a 9 cell battery and mini usb bluetooth.

I am soldering on a standard usb wire with a green and a white wire. The main advantage of using the pata hack is that you gain tons of storage space, but not so much aa150 speed.

Its interesting to see how much of self engineering goes in to this tiny laptop. V-low is turning, V-high is not. Welcome to bluetoth 1 of a multi-part post on moddng the Acer Aspire One! Which chip is the bios chip on the board? The question is can I not simply replace the existing wifi card connected to the mini-pcie port with one of these and get the whole package?

Netbooks im Livestream – Forum des Virtual Racing. Bluetootb Google desktop installed, could it cause this? It works without interfering with the built-in wireless or disabling any of the available USB ports. Wheres the Part 1 video that shows how to dis-assemble the Aspire One and install a ram upgrade.


How to turn on bluetooth on acer aspire one zg5 laptop

Helpful bluetooth usb 1. I say it again: My Bluetooth mod should work with this other version as well. You are commenting using your WordPress. Maybe you can take some pictures up close to ommit guesswork. Is it possible for me to buy a Just goes to show you that the cooling fan and heatsink need improvment since the CPU has to work so hard just to use the hard drive lol.

Just recently acquired from Ebay some micro Sirfstar III based nano bluetooth modules, not much bigger than a mini wireless card. April 6, 0.