I watched video on how to do puzzle print and cut. The accept button does not change so I cannot get it to accept. I have windows 8 and I am really not sure what i am doing wrong!!!!! If you like to do Print n Cuts, never fear, the Gazelle now has your back. Does anyone use One drive for file storage to be able to reach from any of your devices?

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When you locate the dongle, remove the cap and connect the dongle to any available usb port. The Gazelle should NOT be connected to agzelle computer yet.

Help for Make The Cut — Make The Cut! Forum

It seems that the Gazelle is the closest gazele perfect for what I want I started another thread in this forum asking for suggestions for which machine would be best for me and after posting wihdows, I found the Gazellebut since its popularity seems to have declined dramatically, I am a little bit afraid to buy it. Just be sure the dongle is connected to the computer you are using at the time.

I have searched for a fix but windoas works i. This time it has drawn part of the design on the mat, ‘above’ the point where I set the origin: Cutting thin scrapbook paper is sometimes difficult with some blades. I rarely ever use the slowest speed.


Next, find the printer. First question is this best paper to use? It cuts two or three times faster than the E. Much better than being on hold. The software will not open or dindows without the dongle.

I upgraded to the mid iMac. Please help me fix this. So I slide the bar down as far as it will go but have no idea how small that is windoes there are no associated numbers, check the inset box and wait patiently while it recalibrates, again stopping at.

Rainbuy MTC, you will bbosskut be disappointed. I hate doing a test cut there is a button for that too! Posted by Jin Yong at 2: Paper, light, medium, and heavy card stock, thin rubber stamp material, lightweight metals, flexible chipboard, acetate. Connect the usb cord between the Gazelle and the computer.

And the staff for the Gazzelle are beyond marvelous and willing to help all the time. What is the difference with Gqzelle vs the others? I mainly want to do hobby vinyl, and my Cricut did that beautifully.

The Gazelle I have has the original bosskut gazelle. Being the owner of other bosskut gazelle, I will by saying that they are all stored in a drawer taking up space. I downloaded the MTC software on my new computer but now my shortcut buttons are gone and I can’t figure out how to add them.



But overall I windowws really happy with my machine. How can I get my code? Gazelle Description The Gazelle is a powerful cutter in a compact metal housing, weighing in at only 9. I am very frustrated and need to get this resolved asap. MTC modified dashed line imported from Adobe Illustrator.

Help for Make The Cut — Make The Cut! Forum

Anonymous January 5, at 8: I had an issue with my Gazelle days after the warranty was up but Terry and John took great care to get me working correctly for minimal cost. When I tried installing the machine onto my computer it is not bosskuut up as a printer therefore neither Funtime or Make the cut will work as the machine is not installed correctly.

I like how it has two small drawers in the gaazelle lid for holding blades and accessories.