It feels pretty loose during the waggle test, but oh so smooth on the down swing. For me this is a great club. The great Internet debate on just about every golf forum was concerning the Fubuki Tour The FT-9 and FT-iq are the newest additions to the line. I like the sound of the club. It was going too high. T Putter Williams FW

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Callaway FT-9 Driver Review – Golfalot

I think with irons like most golf stuffyou i-ix to try get out and try as many as poss mate. Bought this driver to see if it can help me with my sliced drives and I can vouch that it does! It really made golf enjoyable off the callawsy, to know that was going to happen, where your ball is going to go and that the second shot will more often than not, be in the short stuff.

Excellent service from Golbidder and the club was in extremely good condition considering it was used and bought through auction. This head paired with the Fubuki is an outstanding fairway finder. He did all the computer testing and profiling and found out they are different by 6 cpms and.


The Callawxy, there’s nowt wrong with it especially in i-mix. Midnight Journeyman Pro Dec 16, It has a much more solid whack, whereas the Ft-5 had a very aluminum bat sound.

I think the difference in CPM, torque, and. Ya i see this now, still looks nice in the draw for that price.

But as a beginner I would recommend getting the swing sorted first before spending a load of dosh on gear. Evesdad Tour Winner Dec 16, Wilson Staff Infinite Michigan Ave. Then each head can be ordered either neutral weighted or draw weighted.

Joined Dec 10, Messages Helpline Callaway FT-9 I-mix Driver. The callaay was rated as being 8 out of 10 for Head, shaft and grip but I think that was an underestimate as when I received it the club appeared almost brand new.

Callaway FT-9 i-Mix Neutral Driver

I’m about 30 handicap depending, and I think this driver will shave allot off for me this year. Newsletters Keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates from Golfbidder Sign up. Beaver Creek Resort Keystone Resort. Why is this such MaDneSs? Being a club maker I welcomed the I-mix system, because it was next to impossible to pull shafts from FT-heads safely. I had the ft-9 imix in 11 degree and it went a mile when hit properly and not my wedge!


Due to the slight off set at address, dt9 club really does give you confidence that you will either hit the ball straight or with a slight draw – distance has been improved as well.

Callaway FT-9 I-mix Driver – Independent Golf Reviews

I hit consistent high, low spinners with this shaft. All of those are worth a shot. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

It was going too high.

Callaway Ft-9 I-mix Driver Headcover

Richardb Club Champion Dec 14, The I-mix system also offers many options as far as loft and face angle. The Ft-iq is the straight hitting box shaped driver, while the FT-9 is the shot making, shot shaping round head driver. Delivery was the following day as promised.

Excellent value for money. Media Reviews Golf World.

I ordered an FT-9 Tour Neutral