Not a configuration problem or a certificate problem. The surprise is that i can use only one webapps, the others throw the exception:. Any help would be great! April 27, at 1: Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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The connection issues with 1.

Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (JDBC and Relational Databases forum at Coderanch)

The issue is only with Websphere 6. There are at least two main JSSE providers available out there and they do not necessary work well together.

April 14, at 7: Until then we recommend using query timeouts only when executing statements where there is a reasonable chance that execution could time out.

First, thank you for the fix.

Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory ([Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver

I am trying to connect to SQL server from within Eclipse. May 8, at I notice a post above has “integratedSecurity” in the string, but it looks like it is cut off. We are looking at ways to improve the query timeout implementation in a future release of the driver.


But when I use the same class in a servlet, I get. Now my application is not working.

I have copies of the DLL located in many different areas with no changes to these errors. Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. June 25, at 5: June 26, at 6: I saw that everytime i execute this microslft, my jvm opens a completely new thread and closes it after the the executeQuery method returns.

Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory This driver is not configured for integrated authentication. See if you still receive your error. December 31, at 7: January 17, at September 9, at 8: February 3, at 8: September 10, at 4: I have a particular problem with this driver. I received the above mentioned error when i tried to execute java program used for connection with SQL.

August 14, at 2: A question about this, if we have one server for SQL Server and another one for the WebServer, where must we specify the “java. I am setting this up in java withouth any assitance, so a more complete example would be helpful. The Javed Samsoud says: Can somebody suggest me steps one by one to configure Eclipse to log on sqlserevr SQL server ?


Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory ([Microsoft][SQLServer Driver – 程序园

El servidor de destiono debe ser SQL server o posterior. I trust that my network is secure without SSL My fb isn’t comin in.

April 27, at This driver is not configured for integrated authentication.