The issue of compatibility is partially addressed by nVidia’s frequent driver updates. This Product is provided courtesy of,. If not, I’d keep the V3. Simplicity does the job and that’s what Diamond must be thinking of. Soon enough, Diamond had pre-orders worked out with Electronics Boutique and offered to take pre-orders for the card on their page as well.

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Now i have a mx and the performance may be a bit better than with the tnt2 but as in multiplayer it wants to crash every few minutes i can’t be bothered seeing if that is the case.

Bundled with diamond’s InControls 00 software, configuration is easy and straight forward. And there, of course, is a major point.

LJ Ars Praefectus Registered: To prevent this from happening, Diamond took extra steps to make sure that the software works only with Vultra card. Mugur Ars Praefectus Registered: In fact, this is one of the easist installation steps that i have done compared to other numerous graphic cards.

File:Diamond Viper V770 Ultra Rev C label.jpg

The issue of compatibility is partially addressed by nVidia’s frequent driver updates. C770, it is strange for the card not to come with TV-out diamind or any features covering digital flat panel.


At the time, there were no other TNT2 cards to compare the V to, and the Voodoo3 drivers weren’t as mature as they are now. Before I carry on, let’s look at the core and memory clock of the 5 different boost levels.

MS DirectX Version 6. Frequent Beta driver updates.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Not to mention that you can’t possibly run 32 bit color which, in my opinion, is necessary to play most games. If not, I’d keep the V3.

Diamond Viper V ATX AGP 32mb Video Card | eBay

This seems to be the case over all TNT2’s, compared to the ZX chipset which could churn out faster frame rates in 2D. In the Diamond V ultra’s case, things were still the same. On the whole, the Viper V did not disappoint.

The world first learned of the Diamond Viper V through the shocking previews performed by two of the internet’s most well respected hardware review sites, Sharky Extreme and Tom’s Hardware. With a Celeronyou should probably be content at bit colour. How was I to know she was with the Russians too Registered: Meanwhile, the results were captured below with some screen captures.


Diamond Viper V770 Ultra TNT2

The cards should really run pretty much neck and neck, it’s mostly personal preference. I would much rather run xx32 than xx16 because x looks much better in 32 bit color than higher resolutions would look in 16 bit color.

Plus 3dfx’s drivers and hardware are rock solid and really compatible. For 16 bit rendering nothing touches 3dfx’s 22 bit postfilter. The Legend of Diamond Multimedia has continued and they have produced yet another card with astonishing performance. Back to top The Benchmarks Benchmarking was of course done on Windows This Product is provided courtesy of.

Simplicity does the job and that’s what Diamond must be thinking of.

Benchmarking was of course done on Windows Fri Diampnd 08, Just put it in Quake3 and it will leave any V3 in the dust. Game-2 Not much noticable difference in Picture production compared to the reference picture.