Figure 13 Connect successfully Here you have logon to the remote server. Compact and tamper resistant hardware casing, reinforced by glue injection, eliminates the possibility of damage from water and further protects the onboard clock against harsh temperature conditions to enable easy user storage and management of the module. Additional features such as built-in inclusive support for different smartcard interfaces has facilitated the wide scale and cross industry adoption of iRU-C. For example EIDAuthenticate is the only solution supporting natively the “force smart card logon” policy, used to secure the local administrator accounts in datacenters or to comply with HSPD Multiple Authentication Methods For systems that do not demand high security, it can be set to use single dynamic password to authenticate an end-user. TOTP is a clock based system that changes with the passing of time. This problem is very rare and arises because the hardware chip in the token is not compatible with the latest driver version.

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Built-in LCD screen to display transaction information x 64 four lines LCD screen Support GB character set Customizable welcome screen Built-in user interactive buttons to control onboard cryptographic operation Four buttons: Please make sure that you have enough permission to do Remote Desktop Connection.

System Cryptographic Services are not working properly or respective security patch is not installed in System.

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Resolution Open Firefox browser. The management tool has an easy-to-use web interface to provide remote management and maintenance of end-users, OTP token, authentication servers, authentication agents and log information from the database. Reason Registered certificate e;ass not match with the certificate used for login.


Oinux enrollment request is deleted or removed from system. After Login into the token check whether the key pair is present in it.

The disadvantage of this method is that authentication process involves many steps.

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Use of dynamic passwords can prevent threats like replay, peep or monitoring. Application servers sometimes use double-way authentication method against fake application server.

Windows XP steps to create a restore point before installing the new driver: How to verify Smartcard Services is running in system? Reason Name mentioned in the Digital Signature does not match with the account details. When an end-user logs in the application server, linud authentication request is sent and a result received from the authentication server through the agent in order to decide whether the request is valid. Windows XP steps to roll back your driver: The built-in OLED screen and button enable epasw customer to check and confirm the signed transaction details effectively eliminating real time third party manipulation.

Then enter the following commands and validate by enter. Reason This problem is very rare and arises because the hardware chip in the token is not compatible with the latest driver version.

It can be widely used in industries or applications requiring electronic payment and authentication, especially suitable for the high security fields. The unique response sequence generated by a specific user challenge as well as the reverse process can be utilized to cross validate servers and websites making certain that the intended destination is not being misrepresented; a user can validate the system before logging in and entering sensitive data and likewise the system can validate the user to be assured that they are who they claim to be.

All of the epasw points you created and you computer created on the selected date are listed by name in the list box to the right of the calendar. It greatly benefits retail stores, such as: You can use System Restore to return to your previous driver version if you create a restore point prior to installing the driver. Verify that all required services for token is started and working fine.


Please find the folder on the oinux link: FT Java Card maintains compatibility with thirdpartyapplets as well as all existing smart cardinfrastructures. Overview Specifications Features R is a dual-interface smart card reader developed by Feitian Technologies.

Some ePass tokens are epaass recognized. Run Step 1 – you will get message “Initialize Successfully”. Roll Back To 30000 Previous Driver If you install the newer driver without first uninstalling the previous version, you may be able to simply roll back your driver to the previous version using these steps: Figure 7 Smart card logon configuration This page provides three methods to create new certificate. Internet Explorer version must be above 7. FOAS delivers a complete solution to organizations of all sizes and orientations by streamlining all authentication operations, such as deployment, provisioning and maintenance, significantly reducing IT overhead.

This identification interaction can be used to authenticate the validity of the institution or organization requesting personal information from the token operator as well.

Install the middleware of ePass token.