This article relies too much on references to primary sources. The CXe also featured improved floating-point performance over the CX. The company aims to make Linux an option on all its Platform products, including its telematics, consumer devices, industrial devices, and server appliances platforms. This list is a complete list of known based designs. As the added graphics-related functions match closely the ones found in the Gekko processor it is very likely that the CL is a shrink of the same processor for general purpose use.

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The CX was only used in one iMac and iBook revision. The term “PowerPC G3” is often, and incorrectly, imagined to be a microprocessor when in fact a number of microprocessors from different vendors have been used.

Artesyn also said that it has joined Wind River’s Alliance Program as a platform partner. It has a KiB on-die L2 cache; this increased performance while reducing power consumption and complexity. Motorola-Freescale-NXP processors and microcontrollers.

A gigabit Ethernet switch links the baseboard to the control plane. The company’s Linux-hosted CodeWarrior tools provide a commercially-supported, open-source development environment for the AdvancedTCA platform. Page to be sent.


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As the added graphics-related functions match closely the ones found treescale the Gekko processor it is very likely that the CL is a shrink of the freescle processor for general purpose use.

QNX Multi-core Tooling for Freescale Processors QNX enables the easy switch to multi-core processors by providing the infrastructure that allows developers to focus on product differentiation with little or no re-design at the system level. The low power requirements and small size made the processors ideal for laptops and the name lived out its last days at Apple in the iBook. The AdvancedTCA Platform consists of modular, board-level building blocks based on a carrier board form-factor designed to fit both AdvancedTCA racks and standalone PC chassis, via replaceable power modules.

The processor has IBM has ceased to publish a roadmap to the family, in favor of marketing themselves as a custom processor vendor. The cache controller and cache tags are on-die.


You can accept the use of cookies here. In Rochester Electronics started providing legacy support for the devices. Thank you for your request.

Dynamic branch prediction uses the recorded outcome of a branch stored in a entry by 2-bit branch history table BHT to predict its outcome. All fields are required. QNX, Elektrobit and Freescale have collaborated to build a fully reconfigurable digital instrument cluster reference.


The design was so successful that it quickly surpassed the PowerPC e in integer performance, causing a planned successor to be scrapped.

Wind River provides integrated support for multiple operating systems and standards-based tools that are tuned for Freescale Austin, Texas architecture. The CX had 20 million transistors including its L2 cache. Additionally, Freescale says it is actively participating in the development of new and complementary standards, such freescle MicroTCA, which in concert with AdvancedTCA and AMC platforms provides an end-to-end framework that addresses the complete range of high-availability telecom applications.

The was used in some iBook models. In addition to support for Wind River’s VxWorks operating system, the company’s Linux platform offering is based on the latest Linux technologies via Kernel.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_CRYPTO_DEV_SAHARA: Support for SAHARA crypto accelerator

It draws up to 2. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. The RAD was released for purchase in