About this product Product Identifiers Brand. It’s not enough to detract from the product’s quality, no, but upon removing the tape itself it left a stickiness on the drumsticks that has been a faint bit annoying when I go to pick them up from setting them down. You may also like. Works great, perfectly even! October edited October Sign In or Register to comment.

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Each kit has its own advantages and drawbacks. Sign In or Register to comment. Show More Show Less. Also, the RB pedal “mounts” on the base of the drumset thus avoiding having it dance around the floor.

Harmonix Microsoft Xbox Controllers. I’ve had good experience with both sets.

better drum set for xbox 360?

GH kit’s high hat is not in the right position, it does not cuase harmobix to cross over. Just wanted to get everyones opinion on which they think is the better drum set between the Guitar hero, and rock band drum sets.

If you mostly play Rock Band, rock band drums 2 drums or Beatles kjt are the best choice. Hello everyone, I’m not that new to the world of drumming on rock band, and guitar hero, I am new though to drjm world of owning a drumset.


This is of course because RB charts yellow as hi-hat, snare, or tom depending on the song, and doing fills might be tougher at higher difficulties. Great product Verified purchase: I know there are a lot better ones out there, like the ion, but my budget has restricted me to these two.

Harmonix Model Wired Rock Band Drum Set for Xbox Tested | eBay

For the GHWT if you play on a carpeted surface is not as sever of a problem but harmoniix find yourself adjusting that pedal’s position constantly between songs.

Harmonix Controllers Xbox Arcade.

About this product Product Identifiers Brand. More items related to this product. I like the guitar hero set, because of the extra cymbols, the high hat is placed in the spot it should be, and I also think these are quieter. People who bought this also bought.

Read full review Verified purchase: Microsoft Xbox JR Gamepad October edited October in Rock Band. Harmonix Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controllers. This item doesn’t belong on this page. That alone makes it a worthwhile piece of equipment to own if you have or plan to have an e-drum kit. One advantage to the GH set is that you can adjust the pad sensitivity with a midi cord on the original set, or automatically on the newer band hero set.

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Harmonix Xbox 360 Harmonix Rock Band 2 (XBDMS2) Drum

Works great, perfectly even! Rubber bands exist and can be used to hold the sticks together just as efficiently if one is near the bottom and another is near the top. The problem is that even though you can use the drhm with RB2, the layout is rather awkward and the yellow cymbal definitely feels wrong in RB songs. Xbox Core Harmonix Controllers.


better drum set for xbox ? — Harmonix Forums

There’s I believe an ongoing debate over thi sfact, where folks say the merging of the notes gimps the experience and makes the game easier. You may also like. I spent a few weeks using the product before I felt confident enough to say this, but the drums worked practically flawlessly. Now, in the real drumming world there’s a feel difference between hitting a drum and a cymbal, and perhaps that’s what the GHWT makes were going for but I think it did not translate that well.

October edited October No sticky residue upon removal, either!