This is their worst film, and afterwards I simply avoided their films. As the film unfolded, it just got worse and worse. This film was bad, and I was expecting more from this, I was great disappointed with this one. October 10, Rating: A miserable pathetic mean spirited effort on the Farrelly brothers Gratingly unfunny, mean-spirited Farrelly brothers flick.

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Funniest Scene From Heartbreak Kid

However with The Heartbreak Kid, they make their worst film. In order to keep her from going to Europe for her “job. The Farrelly Brothers have made some terrific, hilarious comedies in the past.

Niko and the Sword of Light. Season 4 Doctor Who: These people have guns.

The humour is just right, you can relate to it, it has alittle slapstick and also quite sharp here and there. The movie isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination and is actually quite dull in sections. The gags really didn’t hold up, and grew tiresome after awhile.

This film was bad, and I was expecting more from this, I was great disappointed with this one. Not a very good comedy, but there’s enough to make the experience somewhat enjoyable.


Michelle Monaghan as Miranda. It was extrememely funny and I admit that I quite enjoyed it. Melvin White Super Reviewer. Peter FarrellyBobby Farrelly. January 18, Rating: Rob Poledriver as Mac.

October 5, Rating: October 10, Rating: Miranda, we are ready to play Parcheesi! If The Heartbreak Kid doesn’t go totally wrong, its big problem is that doesn’t really go anywhere.

The Heartbreak Kid () – Rotten Tomatoes

Season 3 Saturday Night Live: I felt that the film could have been much better, and though it had an interesting idea, simply didn’t do anything for me. Though not as engaging as Knocked Up, there is enough humor to keeps us entertained.

Remember, this is the Heattbreak Belt. Bitches are crazy, you know that. I felt that the story could have been more kkid, and that overall the Farrelly Brothers are starting to lose their touch as comedic filmmakers.

I like the Stillers allot, most comedies Ben makes are really fun, light hearted and usually spoofy, this has the added bonus of having his dad Jerry in there with him.


Fearful that it may be his last chance at love and happiness, with the encouragement heartbbreak his father and his best friend, Eddie proposes to Lila after only a few weeks. There were enough characters I liked to make the experience worth the watch. August 12, Full Review…. But in the end Michele Monaghan saved this movie.

Bobby and Peter Farrelly don’t bring any fresh insight or relevance to their remake of The Heartbreak Kid.

Come on, kid, let’s get out of here. February 1, Rating: Its all very predictable of course but that’s OK, this is just a fun ride to make you feel good, nothing to special though. The first part of the movie is the funniest because of Jerry Stiller and the way he speaks to his son about sex.