Actual toner and developer mix yield will vary with toner coverage, machine settings, paper type and size and environmental conditions. This feature code specifies that a Customer Changeable Developer with Green Toner is shipped with a new printer order. An operator alert facility that includes a flashing light and an audible alarm with volume control is located on top of a pedestal that is mounted to the top of the AFCCU or PUM. One filter per carton Minimum order quantity: However, for best character integrity, raster pattern fonts at dpi are best supported when printing in dpi resolution and dpi raster fonts are best supported when printing in dpi resolution. Partitions are not used and pages can even overlap each other. Previously available only on the Infoprint family.

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This ability provides the following benefits: The maximum distance is 43 km. Approximate field installation times for the following features are for reference in the event one or more are installed in the field by the CE.

The SMM command is used to invoke processing options through the Advanced Function Post-processing interface, feature code This cord is 4.

Specific MES upgrade notes: Lengths less than 7 inches mm are folded in multiples by the forms supplier and the stacker.

IBM supplies are manufactured to very high quality standards. Fiber-optic trunks terminated infopirnt distribution panels are recommended in large single-room data centers, multiple-room data centers, multiple-floor data centers, and in data centers spread among buildings. The additional attachment or optional “Chargeable” attachment may be selected from one of the “Special Features” listed below. IBM Infoprint family Choose the printer and features that best suit your business today, with the confidence that you can upgrade to keep pace with business changes.


This feature only supports forms with a paper smoothness of Sheffield units. IBM does not independently verify the contents of these Republications and takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information contained in such Republications. Regardless, IBM’s warranty terms apply. Examples of such devices are roll-paper feeders on the input side and cutters or stackers on the output side of the printers.

Infoprint Operator Control allows operators to store the critical printer parameters through the Infoprint Operations Architecture at the printer and then invoke them when the operator assigns a specific Form Definition on the printer.

If different lengths of cable are required, they must be ordered separately from the product or feature by your IBM representative.

IBM Infoprint 4000 MICR Series Continuous Forms

One filter; part number represents one filter Packaging: Maintenance supply items may also be purchased directly from Lexmark. Raster fonts are supported by all PSF platforms. You must verify the legibility of the 4-point font sets in their ubm.

The following fonts consists of twelve typefaces which provide compatibility with the resident raster fonts included in the IBM Page Printer, as well as the most common typefaces of the IBM Compatibility fonts traditionally provided in the AFP Print Services Facility products. Installation Instructions are provided with intoprint feature. Edge smoothing is accomplished in a way similar to that on other Infoprint printers.

IBM Infoprint 4000 IS1, IS2 Series

Along with the immediate improvements, this new design will allow for a continuing rollout of improved help functions, printer management functions, and future GUI improvements. Additional CCDs can be purchased for additional types of toner. The Enhanced Operator Console feature provides a new more user friendly operator interface including both a new flat-screen touch-panel, keyboard, mouse, and a new GUI Graphic User Interface.


When printing in duplex configuration, only one attachment can be active at a time. Supply warranties are only for defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment and are not for normal wear and tear, nor for any usage minimum.

IBM InfoPrint IS1 Toner Cartridges & Supplies

Outline fonts can be downloaded to the printer from PSF libraries. This is of greatest benefit in the reproduction of font serifs and the preservation of the details of narrow intersections of lines. Fax an order to PFS at Raster fonts must be downloaded from PSF host libraries in the resolution and size required for printing.

The operator interface is based on XWindows and Motif. Fine fidelity protection refers to the protection 4000 fine details in the print, consisting primarily of avoiding the fill-in of single-pel white areas to be developed. Accepted human factors principles have been applied specifically to frequent access areas such as automatic paper threading and the operator interfaces.