If there is no tab stop between the current position and the right margin, the HT control is ignored. When this feature is On , printing is done at normal quality if one of the 24 pins is broken. The zero character has a slash when this feature is set to On ; it has no slash 0 when set to Off. This sequence starts a character font image download. Each character requires the space of two tab positions. This level is represented by the 9- and pin Proprinter family of printers. ESC 4 sets the current paper position as the top of form.

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Values default in bold. Use this control code to create overstrike characters.

ESC X n m specifies left and right margin positions. Functions auxiliary This section describes functions executed by turning on the printer while holding one or more buttons. CAN clears data in the preceding print buffer but does not change the current print position. In other modes, this option is available when the pitch is 10 or 12 cpi characters per inch.


This sequence tells the printer not to accept data from the computer. ESC F ends emphasized or bold printing. When this mode is set to Onthe noise is reduced, but the printing speed is slower. Null NUL Either do pdps or end the horizontal and vertical tab set controls. Use this option to set the data transfer rate baud for the serial interface. Common settingsTarget Printer Mode settings.


The printer prints the version number and the language selection for the default settings menu. See Compress Printing Mode for more information.

If you pdps this feature to Onthe printer beeps when an error occurs. Select Printer DC1 Set printer to accept data after deselect.

This escape sequence prints only one character from the All Characters Chart. The printer prints the current settings. BS moves the print head one character width to the left. When this feature is Onprinting is done at normal quality if one of the 24 pins is broken. When this setting is set to Offyou must send a CR code after the line feed code to move the imb start position to the left margin. If m is 0the current right margin is used. If you select the sheet auxiliary feeder, for paper, always specify a size.

Epson DFX-9000 Reference Manual: Ibm Ppds Emulation Control Codes

The setting when you first switch obm on is a tab stop every 8 positions, beginning at column 9. This mode is activated when you select On and the Passbook mode is set to Off. This setting allows you to set the serial interface flow control specialized for WNI Depending on the factory default, the WNI mode may not be available. You can select C or F as the letter which will be attached to the end of the data recorded on magnetic stripes.


DC3 is a null on the parallel interface.

Ibm Ppds Emulation Control Codes – Epson DFX Reference Manual [Page ]

Continuous Overscore Start or stop continuous overscoring overlining. Make sure to select Auto when you print from Windows applications using the printer driver that was downloaded from the Web site.

You can select auto print direction Autobidirectional printing Bi-Dor unidirectional printing Uni-D. ESC K sends bit-image print data to the printer that prints 60 dots per inch horizontally and 72 dots per inch vertically.

Each n must be a one-byte decimal value less than Starts the printing start position adjustment mode.